Brand Story

Brand Story

I'm going to make a pair of high heels for you
With different colors and materials to meet daily dress collocation
I'm going to fill your closet and trunk
You put them one
He take with you
To those wonderful distance
Take 99 sets of wedding photos
You put them one
Give you more confidence and energy
You put them one
Can also love the big woman vibe who loves no one but yourself
Walking with the wind in high heels

One always meets a certain person at a certain moment
And with the greatest gentleness for this world
I make this gentleness
To the poem
To the shoes
I hope
The women who wearing this
Believe in love
Be in love

One shoes design
Take half a year from zero to foot
It not just developing the style
It's fine-tuning every details

One shoes produce
Take 7 days from start to finish
It's not that we're inefficient
That's because of respect for time
Take enough time to iterate on each product
To make each of our shoes
This is the spirit of originality

The world gives us a much enough time
Just do everything slowly
Such as
A cup of tea slowly
Read a book slowly
Made a pair of shoes slowly
Love a person slowly